Windrock Park

Windrock Park

Best Off-Road & ATV Park in the U.S.

Windrock Park


We are thrilled to partner with Windrock Park, the nation's largest privately owned off-road recreation area, situated in the stunning landscapes of Oliver Springs, Tennessee. Spanning over 73,000 acres with more than 300 miles of trails, Windrock Park offers an unmatched experience for off-road enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Its diverse terrain caters to a wide range of outdoor adventure activities amidst breathtaking Appalachian mountain views. Open year-round, the park provides extensive amenities, including a general store, various accommodations, and event hosting, making it a premier destination for adventurers seeking thrills and natural beauty.

Make sure to visit this park and enjoy everything they have to offer.  And don't forget to add the experience to your Adventure Log and pick up a Windrock Adventure Badge in the General Store!
921 Windrock Road
Oliver Springs, TN 37840

Partnered Badges

We're grateful to Windrock Park for partnering with us to make these badges available to honor and support what they've built!

Windrock Park
Oliver Springs, TN