Frequently Asked Questions

Verified and Unverified Check-in - you still get a badge. A verified check-in can happen when you check-in with your location or a picture. When using the location, you will need to be on the trail or in the park and your phone will share your location with us to verify you are where you say you are. Uploading a picture from your adventure will also give us location information to verify your location. Both of these check-in options will give you a verified check-in.

The Honor System check-in consists of you inputting a date from the past with no supporting documentation, ie a picture. You are still able to get a badge, but your check-in will not receive a verified check.

We have three different ways for you to check-in, all of which we have tried to make as easy as possible:

  • Share Your Location

    When you are on the trail or in a park, simply find the corresponding trail or park and click on the CHECK-IN NOW button. Click on the Share Your Location Option and follow the prompts. This check-in option MUST be completed on the trail or park.

  • Upload A Photo

    Every photo that you take with your phone has location data stored within it. When you upload a photo from your adventure, the location information from the photo will be shared to verify your location. This check-in can be completed anytime and can be used for past adventures.

  • Honor System

    Is a way to share your adventures when you are unable to share your location or a photo. This check-in can be used for past adventures.

Our badges are designed specifically to endure outdoor environments and everything that environment has to offer. Mounting the badges on the outside of your vehicle will give you significant cool points and it completely safe to do. You can also mount inside your vehicle or anywhere else you would like.

We have worked closely with manufacturers exclusively in the USA to source the best raw materials for our badges. The metal we use is uniquely designed to withstand the outdoor elements encountered on the outside of your vehicle or trailer. Similarly, the plastic we use for the backplate is molded from an automotive grade plastic designed to resist UV and stand the test of time.

Getting badges for past experiences is simple. From your Adventure Log find the trail or park previously visited and begin the check-in process. If you have a photo from the trip you can upload it or you can use the Honor System check-in option and simply enter the date.

Yes, you are able to purchase multiple badges for one check-in during the checkout process.