Sunshine State Adventure Co.

Sunshine State Adventure Co.

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Sunshine State Adventure Co.


Sunshine State Adventure Co. is an organization dedicated to outdoor adventure and environmental stewardship in Florida. Known for creating the Florida Adventure Trail (F.A.T), a 1200+ mile backwoods route, they've showcased the state's natural beauty through carefully designed trails combining unpaved and scenic roads.

Their commitment extends beyond adventure, as they actively contribute to community welfare and environmental conservation. By donating a portion of their proceeds from F.A.T GPX file sales to the Wounded Warrior Project and trail maintenance efforts, they underline their dedication to supporting veterans and preserving the natural trails for future generations.

Their active engagement with the off-road community through the F.A.T Friends group further highlights their role in fostering responsible outdoor activities and environmental awareness.

To learn more about the F.A.T. and talk with others who share that same interest, consider joining the Facebook group.

Partnered Badges

We're grateful to Sunshine State Adventure Co. for partnering with us to make these badges available to honor and support what they've built!

Florida Adventure Trail
1200+ Miles Of Backwoods Adventure