Georgia Overland

Georgia Overland

Home of the Georgia Traverse

Georgia Overland


Georgia Overland, founded by David Giguere in 2010, is the home of the Georgia Traverse.

The Georgia Traverse is a collection of county, state, and Forest Service roads that comprise a (mostly) off-pavement route across North Georgia. It is designed to be traveled east to west, beginning at Burrells Ford Road along the Georgia / South Carolina border. The Georgia Traverse visits North Carolina and Tennessee before ending at the Georgia / Alabama border. The total mileage of all paved and unpaved sections is 390 miles.

David spent many years, drove thousands of miles, and invested countless hours in developing the Georgia Traverse, and he's been kind enough to share it with the overlanding community.  We're proud to be able to partner with David to create a badge for this wonderful trail to support it and help others share and celebrate the adventure it provides.   

Partnered Badges

We're grateful to Georgia Overland for partnering with us to make these badges available to honor and support what they've built!

Georgia Traverse
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