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Four Points Adventures

Eat. Play. Explore.

Four Points Adventures


Four Points Adventures specializes in small group overland tours across the Western United States, offering a unique combination of adventure and gourmet outdoor dining. Led by Todd Rogers, with over 25 years of 4x4 experience, the team is skilled in wilderness navigation and safety. Their "Campfire Gourmet" approach provides high-quality meals catering to various dietary needs, enhancing the outdoor experience.

The tours cover diverse landscapes, from Death Valley to the Lost Coast, and include activities like off-road driving, hiking, and nature exploration. Emphasizing disconnecting from daily life, these adventures offer a blend of excitement and relaxation in nature. Client testimonials highlight the meticulous planning, variety of activities, and the memorable communal experience. Four Points Adventures is ideal for those seeking a safe, immersive, and luxurious nature adventure.

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