Merus Adventure™ Park

Merus Adventure™ Park

Epic Adventures In Palo Duro Canyon

Merus Adventure™ Park


Merus Adventure Park was founded with a transformative vision by Dirk van Reenen to redefine premium outdoor experiences. Situated in the majestic Palo Duro Canyon, the second-largest canyon in North America, Merus is designed to nourish the adventurous spirit. This park is not just about exploring the great outdoors—it's a community where friends and families forge deeper bonds and individuals are encouraged to push their limits and achieve new feats in a supportive environment.

At Merus, a variety of outdoor activities coexist harmoniously, providing an extensive playground for off-roaders, overlanders, hikers, mountain bikers, campers, and backpackers. The park’s commitment to offering a premium experience is evident in its well-maintained trails, unique accommodations, and the variety of activities tailored to enhance every visitor's connection with nature.

Dirk and the Merus team are passionate about welcoming visitors to join this adventurous community, promising experiences that ignite the soul and leave you smiling long after the day is done.

We're excited to partner with Merus to bring their park on to the Adventure Log and create premium badges for the park and the trails in their signature program.  Be sure to connect with them online and visit the park as soon as you have the opportunity!
4510 County Road 9
Claude, TX 79019

Partnered Badges

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Merus Adventure Park
Claude, TX

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