Hocking Hills Podcast

Hocking Hills Podcast

Hocking Hills Podcast


The Hocking Hills Podcast, hosted by Mary McMartin and Michele Mauder, serves as a travelogue and guide to showcase the stunning Hocking Hills region in Ohio. With a diverse audience in mind, including day-trippers, weekenders, week-long vacationers, and local residents, the hosts take a relaxed and informative approach to exploring this natural gem.

The podcast delves into the breathtaking landscape of Hocking Hills, offering a panoply of adventures for its listeners. These adventures range from hiking and water activities to indulging in delicious meals, wine-tastings, stargazing, camping, attending concerts, and discovering hidden locales within the region.

Whether you're a first-time visitor looking for trip planning advice or a local resident seeking to further explore your surroundings, the Hocking Hills Podcast provides valuable insights, helpful tips, and information about events that have made Hocking Hills one of the Midwest's most sought-after destinations for generations of families and friends. It's a comprehensive resource for those eager to experience the beauty and excitement of Hocking Hills, Ohio.

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October 5th - October 07, 2023 Hocking Hills Jeep Run More Info